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Creative Christmas Crafts for Kids

Posted on 12-02-2016

Christmas ornaments adorn the trees all winter. Why not make your own with your preschooler?

Children love to learn and build things, and there’s no better way to do that this holiday season than by making simple ornaments for the tree. Everyone in the house gets to enjoy the creation, and your child gets to show off what she can do. How fun!

Puzzle Snowflakes

For a simple ornament idea, grab some puzzle pieces, paint, glue, and a string to make a puzzle snowflake!

When you stack puzzle pieces on their edges, you can see how they make a little snowflake. Well, just paint those little pieces a shade of white—maybe you can add some glitter—and glue them together. And now there’s a little snow flurry in your living room!

Popsicle Stick Toy Soldier

A little toy soldier. Is there anything that reminds you of the holidays than that? Well, maybe there is.

Simply put together some popsicle sticks in a way that looks like a toy soldier outline, and then paint him in! You can add fuzzy things for the hat and hang him with a string. Painting him gives you all the texture you need, but feel free to get creative with your kids!

Christmas Tree Popsicle Ornaments

Another simple popsicle creation is a Christmas tree. When you put three popsicle sticks like a triangle, and then a little one on the bottom for the tree trunk, you have the world’s most elaborate tree structure.

Then, all you have to do is paint it and add some decorations! Your child’s imagination can run wild with this one—there are no limitations. Does she want a blue tree? Some sprinkles or glitter? How about a tree that’s actually a box? No problem!

With a little loop on the top, this tree can be hung on your big tree with all the other fancy creations.

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