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Indoor Fun When It’s Too Hot Outside

Posted on 06-28-2017

Sometimes the heat of summer is just too much and you need to protect your preschoolers from the harmful rays of the sun. Here are some fun indoor activities to beat the heat and still entertain your little ones.

Simon Says

This activity is not only effortless, but it also inspires listening and following directions.

Arts and crafts

The potential for fun and inspiration in arts and crafts is endless—whether it’s finger painting, coloring, or making sock puppets and putting on a show, you’re sure to find something that your little one will love.

Build a fort

Collect blankets, pillows, and even couch cushions and turn the living room into a fort! Your preschoolers will be thrilled to create a secret playhouse in the middle of their own homes. It doesn’t hurt that you can also teach them the significance of cleaning up as a team afterwards when it’s time to put everything back.

Fun in the Kitchen

Making a snack like ants on a log is both entertaining and healthy, or you can spend more time mixing and stirring and bake some desserts like Rice Krispies treats.

Dance to music

Pick your preschooler’s favorite song and get your kiddos moving. You can also play the music video on TV or use a sing-along video. This will use a lot of that built up energy while getting much needed exercise for your growing kids.

Balloon Fun

While athletics can seem like an unsafe activity for your living room, balloons make for a softer-impact toy. Play balloon volleyball or a game where you can’t let the balloon land on the floor—watch your preschooler transition from uninterested to excited in just minutes!

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