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Summer Camp in Sugar Land and Missouri City

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Riverstone is
Rockin’ the World at our 2018 Summer Camp!



Kid Power:  Our summer camp allows children from Sugar Land and Missouri City to create an unforgettable superhero story of their own.  This activity combines STEAM concepts with special "superpowers" featuring your child.
Epic Escape:  Campers solve "who done it" cases from thier favorite literature and global themes throughout history.  They'll use detective work, secret codes and teamwork to reveal epic plots from great literary works.
Melting Pot: Your child will help make the world a better place as she explores new cultures, languages and cooking recipes that help build her math and science skills.
Globe Trotter: If your child enjoys sports and physical activity, he'll love this summer camp program.  Working with other campers, he'll help create new games, design a team mascot and even have the chance to try his hand at sportscasting!
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Our Town: Campers learn about architecture, design and how to build a thriving, supportive community. This activity allows your child to develop her leadership skills and learn about the importance of teamwork.
Creation Destination:  This summer camp activity provides your child with the opportunity to learn about famous artists from around the world.  They'll also learn about a variety of creative techniques.
STEAM Revolution: Our campers will use their creativity and resourcefulness to create something wonderful and out of the ordinary.  This activity combines elements of STEAM and environmentalism to turn common, household trash into treasure!
Cloud Exploration: This technology-based program uses puzzles, games, and LEGO activities to help campers understand the digital world.  It's a great, age-appropriate way to introduce children to computer science and coding.
Mind Blast: Campers will use recycled materials to create a fun, interactive game. This week-long program fuses innovation and imagination with fun to teach kids about the importance of conservation.
Habitat Hunters: This program builds on the previous week's activities to teach campers about the worlds fascinating regions and incorporates geography, art, science, and zoology.
Pay it Forward:  This program focuses on community and cooperation and gives campers the chance to make a lasting impression on the world through their kindness and goodwill.


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