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Tips for Organizing Your Calendar with Preschoolers

Posted on 01-10-2017

Life with preschoolers can be hectic, but a little planning and organizing for your day can help things go a lot smoother! Here are three tips that can help make your day a little more productive:

Write things down. Too many things are going on to try to remember them all by memory. You can use the note app in your phone so that you don’t have to worry about losing your list. This is a great way to document all of the thoughts that are flying through your head throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can go back through your notes to see if there is anything you missed that day, or to plan out things for the next day.

Do things now. Don’t procrastinate! If it can be done in less than three minutes, just do it right now. This is a good rule to live by if you want to make sure that tasks don’t get piled up to be crammed in at the last second. When the mail comes in, immediately go through it to avoid that big pile of mail that you have to go through every other month. Sort your laundry into colors and whites as you throw it into the laundry room so that you don’t have to go through a big pile on laundry day. Staying on top of little things like these can make your life a lot less hectic.

Make schedules and deadlines. Making plans and giving yourself deadlines is a way to make sure that you’re getting your priorities done each day. This can go along with the notes that you’re keeping for yourself. Bullet journaling is one form of scheduling that is becoming popular. You can use it to keep track of all of the things that you need to accomplish daily.

These are just a few things that you can do to help make your calendar a little bit more organized. Organize the areas of life that can be organized so that you can be freer to deal with the unexpected things that come along with life with kids.

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