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Water Activities to Beat the Heat with Preschoolers

Posted on 06-10-2017

Water games and activities are a great way to beat the summer heat and have some fun in the sun! Aside from a cool day at the pool, here are some water activities that your preschooler is sure to love. Remember to lather on the sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn!

Water balloons with preschoolers

Little ones love throwing and popping water balloons because there’s just something about throwing bubbles of water that is immensely fun. Fill a bucket full of water balloons, and have a water-war with your preschooler! Wear clothes that can get wet. And remember that you’re going to have to pick up all the little busted balloon pieces, so try to stay in one general area!

Preschoolers love playing in water sprinklers.

Water sprinklers are an easy way to entertain little ones in the summertime heat. Pull out the swimsuits and sunscreen, and turn them loose to run through the yard. Encourage your preschooler to wear a sun hat to avoid toasted noses and cheeks from the sun.

Buy a mini pool for your preschooler.

If you do not have a neighborhood pool (or even if you do), invest in a mini pool for hours of fun. Adult supervision is still required since standing water is involved, so pull out a lawn chair and hang out outside as well! Since the mini pools are portable, you can consider setting them up on a porch or under an awning to avoid the sun altogether.

Preschoolers think water guns are a blast.

Water guns are a great addition to any other water activity. Take them to the pool, play with them as you run through the water sprinklers, or just play with them on their own! Water guns are a lot of fun, and your preschooler will love it if you play with the water guns too!

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